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Nnamani, working against APC- Nwoye


The Enugu State All Progressives Congress, APC, Chairman, Dr. Ben Nwoye says he has been vindicated in his assertion that Sen. Ken Nnamani, APC Presidential Council Director, South, is an ambivalent party man, who is not proud of his party.
Reacting to a statement by Sen. Nnamani, Dr. Nwoye said it is wrong for an elder in a party to continue an undesirable dalliance with an opposition party in an election season.

Insisting that he never hurled insults at the former senate president, the chairman said that he never for once used derogatory language or spoke in a manner that would suggest insult.

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“In any case, respect in a party is earned through responsible membership and not by fiat. If the party doesn’t feel the impact or imprint of such a high profile personality, would it be wrong for the party to say so? We assure Sen. Nnamani of our respect at all times subject to his being an exemplary party man”, the chairman said.

He argued that it is wrong for the revered former senate president to argue that he is not the campaign manager of the party’s candidates for various offices, noting that every committed party member is a compulsory campaign manager for candidates sponsored by the party.


He said the party’s campaign was going on well and has been getting stronger by the day with massive endorsement of our candidates at various levels by the many communities in Enugu state.


“The people of Enugu State are tired of the failure of the present government in the state and her representatives at Abuja to meet their expectations and are only waiting for the next couple of weeks to dump their votes for President Muhammad Buhari and all our APC candidates in the state”, Dr. Nwoye observed.
Noting that he would not speak for the candidates of the party on why they did not send Christmas gifts to Sen. Nnamani, Dr. Nwoye wondered: “When did candidates not sending hampers or cards at festivities become a high crime to warrant it being counted against them by their leaders? Anyway I leave the candidates to answer why they did not send gifts to our leader.”


He said that by not addressing the issue of his dalliance with the opposition adequately, Sen. Nnamani has vindicated him on his allegation that he’s not truly proud of his party.

“He has instead threatened to expose me. I don’t know what he has on me that he wants the public to know. I urge him to do so without delay. I’m all ears”, Dr. Nwoye concluded.

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