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FULL TEXT OF AYOGU EZE’S REMARKS AT THE OPENING OF HIS CAMPAIGN OFFICE BY THE HIS EXCELLENCY, YEMI OSINBAJO, ON NOVEMBER 23, 2018 *Since we joined this business, the energy level has changed – Sen. Ayogu Eze, Enugu Gov. Candidate* APC…. Next level APC…. Next level Your Excellency, the delectable, intellectual, highly focused visionary, Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Osibanjo, SAN, GCON….we can even remember all the accolades because our Vice president is a man of many attainments.I don’t want to fall foul of the regulations of the INEC. The one that has started is your own. So what we’re going to do today is just to open this office and get it ready for the campaigns when they start. And I want to assure that we have a message for Mr. President.

Tell him that we’re sleeping on the same bed and dreaming the same dream. His five point’s agenda in the Next Level, including jobs, including, security, including infrastructural development, including economic enhancement in the area of education and, including political inclusiveness and so many other things are also part of what we’re dreaming to do here.

He doesn’t need to come preaching here because we understand him. We have also listened to you, having been the anchorman of the messages of the President. We know you want to create five million jobs; we know you want to create several thousand other jobs arising from improving the school feeding system. We know sir that your Anchor Borrow System and your NPOWER and Economic Enhancement Programmes are getting new flips and are being reworked. We’re confidently behind you sir.

We’re going to invite you at the appropriate time to come and host some of those your popular programmes that I have seen you host in other parts of the country for our people because we need to energize our people the more. Finally sir, the message for Mr. President is, listen to nobody who tells you that he want to give you 25 or 30 percent.

The president owns this place whole and entire. Ndi be anyi, o bu eziokwu? …. No be so? Na we go determine who go divide the show, not them. Nobody can give us 25 percent sir. So let nobody go to Abuja to tell you that they are friends of the APC. These are people who have spent four years deceiving people like him (Jim) that they are coming to the party. They didn’t come.

He’s a very heart broken man because some people Los him that they are going the party. Four years down the line, they didn’t join. A man that is convinced of the same opinion is of the same opinion. They’re of the same opinion still… They’ll not change. So, enough of this deceit, sir. So when they come again to Abuja, tell them politics is played in Enugu not at the corridors of power in Abuja.

Your Excellency, they should not see you in your office. They don’t talk of where they give you 90 percent. Ninety percent is here not in Abuja. We’ll give it to you here. So, when they come next time, tell them to  go home and meet people on ground. Because since we came to this business, the energy level has changed, sir. The energy level has changed sir. And the energy level has got a new boost with your arrival. We are now like people who are drunk with political energy. We’re drunk o, with the energy you have brought to us. You will see the multiplications of the popularity of the fame the activity of APC going forward. And you Excellency, when we invite you to come and flag off our governorship campaign, we’ll unfold our programme. Today is about your programme. And anybody who tells us that the president doesn’t like us, is talking jazz. Because, number one, the two elections that the president ran before this one, his Vice Presidential candidates were Igbo people, Chuba Okadigbo and Edwin Umezuoke. That’s history, you can’t change it. One of the projects that is reflected in the Next Level is the Second Niger Bridge. It’s a mammoth development.

The president did tell us that we’re laying foundation. Foundational work is neither easy nor glamorous. That’s what he told us. It’s not easy. It’s not glamorous. It’s difficult to appreciate. But those foundations are necessary, sir. If we don’t lay them, we’ll continue to make mistakes. So we support Mr. President to lay the foundations, sir, because you see this house, if the substructure is weak, the superstructure will collapse. So the President has done the substructure. The superstructure is now coming.

The Igbos are waiting. One of the messages you’ll see on our billboards is “Taking the east back to the heart of Nigeria”. And that’s exactly what we’ll do. This is our presence ….we welcome you to Enugu. Don’t listen to tale bearers coming to Abuja. That’s what we beg you. A lot of tale bearers are organizing themselves. The other day, they came here. The same set of people. So you see their hypocrisies. They had a meeting and said they have endorsed Atiku. I switched on my television the next day, they were with Mr. President. So, who are they really endorsing, sir?

These are fake people. And Igbos not political party. If you know him, endorse him on the platform of a political party. Igbos have not held meeting. He (Jim Nwobodo) was not there. He is one of the truest sons of Igbo land. Before the Igbos make a decision, they’ll form a caucus and take a decision. Those people are speaking for themselves. They’re not speaking for our people. Because Igbo’s are in APC, Igbo’s are in other political parties. We cannot be endorsing individual candidates across culture zones. That’s a fraud. A big time fraud. What gives out the fraud, the same people who stayed in Nike Lake here to endorse Atiku where in Abuja to confer with Mr. President. The same people! Are they not ashamed at all? Are they ashamed at all? Mr. President, don’t listen to them again. These are fake people.

You are welcome here, thank you.

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