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COVID 19 LOCKDOWN: Okoh distributes palliatives to vulnerable people

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*COVID-19 Relief*
_In support of Rt Hon Dr Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi agenda for the less Privileged_
*Former S.A to the Governor Hon Chidiebere ThankGod Okoh (2 Ciga)* _distribute Relief Material/Easter gift to the most Vulnerable ones,widows & poor people of Amodu Akwunanwu Community_
Hon.Chidiebere Okoh Gods time (2 cigar),the former S.A to the Governor today, Distributed 250 bags of rice & money to the two Autonomous Community in amodu, Ekpe and Amodu Okowo community.
The villages that benefited in the relief materials today were Umuoha in Okpe community and Enugu Amodu in Amodu okowo community. While Ezinato and Achara village, Ezinato is In Okpe And Achara is in Amodu okowo will share there’s tomorrow. The reason is to maintain social distance of Covid 19.
Amodu Akwunanaw .

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His act towards his people was to Ease them of the burden they had by supplying them with the necessary provisions.
Speaking at the event was Hon.Chidiebere Okoh,Who said “That ever since Enugu state has been in existence it’s only in Rt.Hon.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi Regime that An amodu indigene has ever had a political appointment”,He said Amodu has been in political darkness but ever since Our Governor came into power,Amodu has received political Light!
He gave thanks to God for the grace to do whatever he does.He also urged the good people to Keep on praying for their leaders and they should also thank the Governor for this good works.
In conclution ,He said the governor has done greatly well by giving Nkanu west a good chairman ,And also developing nkanu West .
He also said that our chairman Hon.Ikeoha Nwabueze is a chairman that answers his citizen at any given time .He also promised to do more for the people even beyond Amodu by December .He also said giving people is not about politics but Considering the good people’s interest and Betterment.
In appreciation message Hon Professor Osita Ogbu thanks Chidiebere Okoh for following the fruit print of his father Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.
He prayed for God blessing upon him.
Speaking also at the event was Hon.Nwabueze Nnamani who also recognized dignitaries present.
He said Hon.Okoh called them to witness this great occasion and that it wasn’t the first time Hon.Okoh was doing good for his people ,reminding them of when he also shared clothes.
He said no disease is deadlier than Hunger and that’s why it has to be prevented. In addition ,he said Making money is number 1,but having the mind to spend the money is another thing.
He told the people that the L.G isn’t a building ,and is not also the chairman but the Local Government is them.
He also informed them that Hon.Nnolim nnaji has also sent his own support and it will get to them soon.
In attendance was Hon.Nnolim Nnaji ,who gave thanks to all present dignitaries at the event such as Prof Humphrey,Prof Ogbu and so many others.He also thanked Hon.Okoh Chidiebere and every other Amodu indigene .
He also thanked Hon.Okoh Chidiebere for his support to the governor and the people. He said It wasn’t easy for a person to donate all these relief materials as he has done .He also prayed for God to lift him higher to greater places.



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