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Embrace peace, love; Ayogu Eze tells Enugu people

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The All Progressives Congress, APC, Governorship candidate in Enugu State in the 2019 election has urged the people of Enugu to embrace love and peace in 2019.

In his new year message, titled, “It is well with Enugu State”, Sen. Eze said that Enugu State will experience a new lease of prosperity and even development when his government takes off in May 2019.

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Assuring the people that his government will restore the people’s confidence in governance by embarking on a number of people-oriented programmes and projects, he urged them to pray to God to ensure that negative forces do not thwart the people’s will to install a government that will work for them.

Promising to create jobs through innovative re-engineering of the agricultural and housing sectors, Sen. Eze told the people to come out in their numbers to cast their votes for President Muhammad Buhari and the APC, saying the APC will wipe their tears by putting in place best governance practices in the sate.


He promised to pay Enugu workers a living wage that will be commensurate with their contributions and sacrifices in building the State, and assured pensioners that their agony is over as they would be paid their entitlements promptly.

He also promised to restore within his first six months in office community lands that have been stolen from them without due process by government.


“Security and welfare of the people is the primary purpose of government“, according to the guber candidate, who said that it was “therefore criminal and unconscionable to dispossess the people of their land”.

Sen. Eze said that the time “when governments acted with impunity ended with emperors of the medieval age and may be with the end of military rule in Nigeria”, adding that in a democracy, power belongs to the people.



“We have long dispensed with imperial governors. They have no place in modern democracy. Those who forcibly take community lands and property will face the music when they no longer have immunity,” Sen. Eze said, urging the people to be patient as his government will restore their rights and privileges that have been stolen by the outgoing government.

He also promised to restructure the education sector by making education compulsory up to the secondary school level, he said vocational education will receive a pride of place as a means of empowering the people and restoring our artisanal advantage that has been eroded by neglect over the years.

Sen. Eze also promised to rebuild the totally comatose health sector of the State, adding that he would make healthcare free for women and children.


“Healthcare is fundamental to the wellbeing of any society. To prosper, the citizens of any society must be healthy and clear headed. We shall focus on rebuilding our broken down health institutions and introducing innovations that will make Enugu a compulsory stop for health tourism in Africa”, Sen. Eze noted.

Describing 2019 as a year when true peace will return to Enugu State, Sen. Eze described the current state of affairs as an era of peace of the graveyard, where people have been forced into silence by an adept deployment of propaganda and subtle coercion.

He asked the people to shun violence and rigging during the coming elections but instead to stand firm and ensure that their votes count at the end of the day.

He thank the people of Enugu State for declaring en masse for the APC, commending them for turning their back on those who have lied and cheated them while pretending to be serving their interest.

He assured them that the APC government in Enugu State will change the fortunes of the state within its first year in office, vowing that Enugu will soon become one of the reference states in Nigeria, in the area of development and good governance.

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