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Entrepreneur sets up Place to immortalize historical Nigerian leaders in Enugu

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An entrepreneur in entertainment Industry, Mr Gandi Obiefule, has sets up a place with colonial art works and pictures to remember historical Nigerian leaders especially those from the South-East in Enugu.
Briefing newsmen on the new Pliis Entertainment and Relaxation Place in Enugu on Wednesday, Obiefule said that a curator, who knows much about Igbo history and culture, would be employed in the place.

He noted that the curator would take people round and through on the art works and pictures; while explaining to them what the pictures and people in the pictures and art works stand for during their life time.

“We want to create a unique place, where people would not just come for relaxation and food, but will learn something new about our history and great men and women from the country especially from the South-East.

“We will have a place where people would enjoy art works and pictures of yesterday as well as also have time to reminiscence on the past.

“It will serve as a place of inspiration for young people to aspire to be great and attain great achievement in their lives,’’ he said.

Obiefule noted that with the art/picture, eatery and entertainment sections of the place have 60 people employed in them, who are mostly youths, to run the place on a 24-hour shift basis.

“We have employed up to 60 trained staff for the take-off of the Place with hope of recruiting more as the business keep growing in the near future, we have also provided indirect employment to artisans and farmers that are linked with our activities and food supply.

“Pliis Place establishment here in Enugu State is as a result of the government’s economic blue-print that has made Enugu State a safe haven and a breeding ground for investors,’’ he said.

The entrepreneur noted that the Place would also cater for all sorts of entertainment needs of the people, adding that the Place was partnering with Turkish Airline to bring down customers from within the country and some Africa countries to the Place.

“We are serving both local and intercontinental dishes as well as dishes for people on special dietary foods as well; while we stock the best quality drinks,’’ he added.

Pictures of famous boxer, Dick Tiger; first President of the country, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe; first Premier of South-East, Dr Michael Okpara; first Governor of Eastern Nigeria, Dr Akanu Ibiam, etc hung on the walls of the Place.


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