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Enugu 2023: A Clarion Call to Enugu Youths – Comr. Ebuka Okoh

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It is no longer a news that 2023 general elections is fast approaching. Politicians and their supporters are strategising, positioning, aligning and realigning.
Desperation, intrigues, scheming and blackmail are setting in and people are ready to go extra miles to delude, mislead and destroy others especially percieved political opponents and leaders for selfishness.
Campaign of calumny, mudslinging, namedropping, name-calling, blatant lies and backbiting will soon be at its peak.
Many of those behind all these vices do not have the interest, unity and peace of Ndi Enugu and Enugu state at heart. They will pretend to be patriotic and altruistic.
To plot and execute their heinous activities in pursuit of political power ahead of 2023 they will target the youths to use and dump them after elections.
My dear dogged, resilient and enterprising Enugu youths, do not allow anybody to use you to cause crisis or create confusion in our peaceful state. We have had elections before now and it was peaceful.
2023 should not be different because the unity and peaceful co-existence of our dear state supersedes every other individual or personal interest.
Do not allow anybody to use you to engage on smear campaign or campaign of calumny on social media platforms for any reason. Always crosscheck and verify the authenticity and genuineness of any information before sharing or peddling.
Avoid being used under any guise on social media as an agent of destruction or purveyor of falsehoods.
Don’t allow yourself to be lured with filthy lucres into activities that will bring you to disrepute. Don’t be a mischief makers, emotional blackmailer, scare and rumour monger.
There will be life after elections. There will be Enugu after 2023 election. The peace of Enugu state is paramount, sacrosanct and inevitable.
So, be and remain a peace agent in Enugu in 2023 and beyond. Enugu is our state. We have no other state. We are brothers and sisters.
Still Remain
_Comr Bartholomew Ebuka Okoh._
*State Chairman*
_National Youth Council of Nigeria Enugu State_

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