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Our attention has been drawn to a calumny campaign by a faceless group claiming that the defunct campaign office of one George Ogara who was an unsuccessful aspirant in the past APC governorship primary election in Enugu state was attacked in Enugu and that supporters of our governorship candidate may have been responsible.

Ordinarily we would have ignored it knowing that all that they wanted to achieve was to draw attention to themselves.

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To set the records straight for the public however, we wish to state as follows:
1. This unsigned piece of fake news is a stunt by George Ogara and his cohorts to attract attention, having lost the primary election.
2. It’s a stage-managed hoax, designed to distract the Sen. Ayogu Eze Campaign Organisation from the serious issues of election and to waste precious time joining issues with a non-existent candidate, known only in the delusional imagination of those who have been funding him and goading into a mission impossible.
3. We don’t believe his so-called office was attacked but if it was, it must have been orchestrated by him to draw attention to himself.
4. If the police is investigating the attack as the poorly coordinated fake news claimed, why rush to name anyone as suspect even before the police comes out with their investigation?
5. George Ogara is not a threat to the Sen. Ayogu Eze Choice 2019 Campaign Organisation and cannot therefore warrant any supporter of Sen. Ayogu Eze wasting precious time and energy to attack a moribund campaign office.
6. Our campaign is focused on issues of mis-governance and has no time for violence. Our principal, Sen. Ayogu Eze abhors violence and will not condone it by any of his supporters or anybody within his campaign structure.
7. We call on the police to investigate the so-called attack, if it ever happened, and bring anybody indicted to book.
8. We are convinced that this is part of the antics of some disgruntled people, elements who claim to be APC in the day but PDP at night.
This is clearly an orchestrated and coordinated onslaught by these elements and the PDP government in the state.
9. We call on our teaming supporters to ignore these attempts to divert attention from the impending fall of the PDP government in Enugu State.
10. We’re too focused on the victory of President Muhammad Buhari and all our candidates in the polls next year to have time to be chasing shadows.


Okey Ugwuada Ezirigwe
Spokesman, Sen. Ayogu Eze Campaign Organisation.

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