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Enugu-based Medical Doctor claims possible treatment for coronavirus

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A Resident entrepreneur at the Technology Innovation Centre, Enugu, Dr. Chukwudinka Ezeihu has recommended the use of SALVAGE A & B previously used for the treatment of HIV patients to treat the current Coronavirus pandemic otherwise known as Covid 19 ravaging the world.

Speaking to Dome TV News in Enugu, Dr. Ezehu said the Salvage A & B has proven efficacious and harmless in the treatment of HIV and could be applied to treating COVID 19 infection.

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Dr. Ezeihu, a graduate of medicine from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka said he has a rich background in herbal medicine and has been working on alternative medicines since his undergraduate years.

He said Salvage A&B works by reactivating cellular immunity by awakening the macrophages stressing that the difference between Salvage A&B combination phytodrugs for HIV and anti-retroviral therapies for HIV is that SALVAGE A&B optimizes macrophages functions.


“When macrophages are stimulated with the right therapeutics agents like SalvageA&B, macrophages then begins their jobs properly; antigen recognition, antigen processing and proper antigen presentations. In HIV infection macrophages are dysfunctional”.  He said.

“Even while treating HIV with the current antiretroviral, these macrophages are still dysfunctional”.


“When we treat HIV with Salvage A&B, macrophages are so stimulated to the extent that proper antigen recognition, antigen processing and presentation for the immune system to begin to produce immune competent lymphocytes to destroy HIV in the body.


He called on the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC to carry out clinical trial on the SALVAGE A & B to determine its efficacy adding that it might be the way out of SARS COVID 19 infection.


“We don’t have to only pray that our solution should come from western countries. Africa is blessed with a panorama of biodiversity that is adorning our environment

“There are a lot of people have spent their entire medical career looking at what could be of help and they have gotten it and the government did not give any grant.

“We are still calling on the same government to come and look at the merit of SALVAGE A & B which might be a way out for SARS COV 2 infection.


“We are saying, because of the current problem we have in Nigeria, and in the global community today, with this COVID 19 infection caused by SARS COV 2, since both SARS COV2 and HIV infect the T Cells and caused what we call Lymphopenia

“We are asking for clinical trial because we are very confident that this will be very helpful”.

“We are already making serious inroad on our own to look at this product. We are confident it is very safe and efficacious on HIV.  That is why we are saying that NCDC should come and help to carry out a clinical trial on this to know how it can help SARS CoV 2 infection”.

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