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Enugu Govt forcing workers to submit PVCs for December Salary- Oruruo

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The Ayogu Eze Campaign Organisation has accused the Government of Enugu State of forcing civil servants in the state to submit particulars of their Permanent Voter Cards as prerequisite for collection of December salary.

Spokesman of the campaign organization, Steve Oruruo who made the accusation in Enugu said the act is equally extended to traders, retirees and students.

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The former Peoples Democratic Party Secretary in the state also accused unscrupulous and unmindful element in the Independent National Electoral Commission of conniving with PDP-led of Enugu state to scuttle the will of justice and also to manipulate the electoral process.

While condemning the action, Oruruo called on relevant agencies to investigate the alleged compulsion of eligible voters to divulge details of their PVCs adding the APC in the state will not its arms and watch the rights of the people to vote the candidate of their choice trampled on.


“The latest in the series is what have been brought to our notice; which is that Enugu workers, traders, retirees and even vulnerable students are been compelled and coerced to surrender the particulars of their voters cards through photocopies and the rest”.

“this is condemnable, this is unacceptable. Their freedom should remain unimpeded; their right to make a choice should be permanent”.


“It is disheartening as much as we are impelled by the fact that this people who watch as democracy is being threatened. It is their right; it shouldn’t be bait for December salary that you have to submit your voters’ card”.

“To all intent and purposes, it is condemnable like I said, but I know it is being done with a mission to manipulate the system and also to hack the database of INEC and see how the electoral process can be manipulated”.


“But we are awake and we want to also confirm to our true supporters and the Enugu electorates who desperately want change that they should relax and go about their businesses without any form of fear”.

On the overall performance of the current administration in the state, led by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi Oruruo insisted that “the government has performed so woefully”.

The Ayogu Eze campaign Spokesman also pinned the state government to what he described as rebellious petition written by the Chairman, Enugu State Gaming Commission Harrison Ogara and an elder brother of Barrister Ogara who was also one of the aspirants under APC last governorship primaries.



“Having said this, the next in line is the smear politics and campaign of calumny being orchestrated against the candidacy of Senator Ayogu Eze who is the candidate of APC for 2019 governorship election”.

“You can see the hand of the devil in it,  you can see the connectivity, you can see the main case, so it is being orchestrated by the government to create a kind of bad image about a candidate whose qualities is known and who is apparently indestructible”.

“We also want to send our message to our true supporters and the people of Enugu to remain calm. Let investigations be carried out by anti-graft agencies that we trust that they know their jobs”.

“We are calling on Enugu people in their thousands to remain steadfast with the love and passion they have for change”.

“Enugu is lying in comatose. Enugu is ruined and nothing has been done”.

“The government has completely under-performed because the interest and value of the citizens have been completely ignored”.

“The people are yearning for change and that windows are available. So, we sustain the views in terms of availability of options. Options must be created so that our people can vote and vote into prosperity”.

“the redundancies you see today, the lack of productivity is a thing of the past”.

Ayogu Eze comes with a difference. What he is bringing to Enugu people is the recovery of the state, redemption of the state.  A redemption song is going on and I believe that people are attracted to this song”.

“They want a change, they want a renaissance; they want a rebirth of the respect Enugu has been commanding since. They want a situation where our people will flourish, succeed and excel, courtesy of opportunities provided by government”.

“Obviously, the social contract has not been met and our people are yearning for change”.

“So the conspiracy of silence has come to an end. Enugu people are about to react and they want to do that innocently, legally. Emasculation of the polity should be totally abhorred”.

“Security agencies should carry out investigations and INEC should ensure that there are no leakages”.

“Let us meet on Election Day and let the popularity of any party aspiring to take over, be tested”.

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