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CULTISM: PPSMB introduces Counter Cultism Club

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The Enugu State government is to introduce a Joint Task Force, Counter Cultism Club (CCC) in all Public Secondary Schools with members drawn from students; teachers; School-Based Management Committee and Parents Association.

The move is part of measures to permanently stamp out cultism from secondary schools in Enugu state.

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A document released by the Post Primary Schools Management Board, PPSMB, contains procedural guidelines by for students, parents and all post primary schools in the state.

The document entitled:  13 COMMANDMENTS: TOTAL WAR AGAINST SECRET CULT and signed by the Board Chairman, Nestor Ezeme requires all students to write a letter of undertaking to be of good conduct before resumption of next Academic Session in September, 2018 while parents/guardian are expected to accompany their children/ward during submission of letter.


The document reads:

“A joint Task Force, Counter Cult Club (CCC) shall be introduced in all Public Secondary Schools. Members shall be drawn from students; teachers; SBMC and P.A”.


“All students shall write a letter of undertaking to be of good conduct before resumption of next Academic Session in September, 2018. Parents/guardian to accompany their children/ward during submission of letter”.

“More teachers other than professional Guidance Counselors are to be opted in counseling duties”.



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“Moral instructions would be assigned more time in schools and such period be utilized for the purpose”.

“Form teachers should relocate their offices to their various classrooms where students are to be closely monitored”.

“Teachers / form teachers should learn to refer cases to counselors”.


“The ban on the use of phones by students in schools should be re- echoed to the principals”.

“Counselors should submit their periodic reports to the headquarters every 2weeks”.

“Workloads of teachers –counselors should be reduced”.

“Re- arrangement of both seats and classes of students, when they are promoted to a new class”.

“Cumulative record folder (CRF) should be re- introduced to identify the student’s peculiarities during admission of JSS1 and subsequently record, monitors their performances”.

“Provision of opinion / information box in all schools”.

“All students to show notebooks in all subjects before allowed into school premises”.

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