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Enugu Politics: What I see is not in the picture- By Nduka Odo

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What you see here in this picture is Enugu Ezike big names uniting with their son APC’s Sen. Ayogu Eze.

What I see in this picture is not in this picture.

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In 2014, the two term Sen. Ayogu Eze was arguably the biggest name in Enugu North Senatorial district where the governorship seat was zoned. However, the then three terms Rep member Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi was chosen. Eze has been fighting back since then.

When Ugwuanyi became governor, Dennis Agbo replaced him in House of Reps for Igbo Eze North/Udenu. Ugwuanyi is from Udenu while Hon. Agbo, Sen. Eze, Dr. Adukwu, and Amb. Ayogu are from Igbo Eze North.  If this picture is really an endorsement, Hon. Agbo’s anger against Ugwuanyi is caused by his loss of reelection bid. Amb. Ayogu also contested for the same seat. Emeka Mamah (Ifesinachi’s son) also contested. They all lost to the erstwhile Director of Rural Electrification, Simon Atigwe.


This is politics.

Since Agbo lost the reelection bid, Enugu , especially Otigba Junction, has never rested from his billboards endorsing the incumbent Gov. Ugwuanyi, as well as campaigning for PDP’s Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi. As he was snapping the picture with APC governorship candidate, he was standing on the billboards with Ugwuanyi and Atiku. That’s politics.


It’s interesting that Enugu state is in the hand of God, but strong opposition is needed to change the energy level.

What I see in the picture that’s not in the picture?



As far as Enugu state politics is concerned, there are two persons that will never work together, (Never? Politicians can surprise shah): former Governor Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani and Amb. Fidel Ayogu.

In 2003, Nnamani was seeking reelection while Amb. Ayogu sought the governorship seat under ANPP. Then Gov. Nnamani hated being defensive. If you wanted a battle, he’d bring to you. Ask Fr. Mbaka. So, on the day of governorship election in 2003, Amb. Ayogu escaped his polling unit on foot. Lives and properties were lost. The outcome of the election could only be told from the side of the then incumbent.

So today, I tuned to radio, and all I hear is:


“Chimaroke, ebeano

Nnamani, ebeano”

If you know Enugu politics but you don’t know this song, then you don’t know Enugu politics. All the big names you hear in Enugu state politics are products of Ebeano family. Except for the likes of Amb. Ayogu. Ekweremadu, Sullivan Chime, Senator Ayogu Eze, Sen. Utazi, and so on.

Former governor Chime tore the family, by castigating and relegating the Don Corleone of the family, His Excellency Senator Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani.

Gov. Ugwuanyi called a meeting and set on rebuilding the family. Nnamani was given a PDP senatorial ticket for Enugu East district as the first condition. Before then, APC was shopping for big names in Enugu state. They met Nnamani to join; first condition he gave them seems to be the return of his passport. Passport in hands, he did what Orji Uzor Kalu had to learn later.

So before primary elections, both PDP and APC had posters containing “Ebeano, Chimaroke Nnamani for senate.” What a man! Though people from other senatorial district in the state may hate him with passion, his name alone without his face can win in Enugu east.

So, Nnamani, the Don Corleone of the Ebeano family has regained The Godfather position. Rt. Hon. Amb. Fidel Ayogu, the man from the Tattaglia family that escaped on foot from Don Corleone, can ditch his recent boss Ugwuanyi maybe to keep safe from the Don.

At the end, it is politics. Nothing but politics. The game of interest, personal interest presented as if it is for the interest of all.

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