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Enugu Speaker’s AIDE welcomes quadruplets

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An Aide to the Speaker of Enugu State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Edward Ubosi, Cajetan Adiele, of Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area of Imo state is one of the happiest fathers on the face of the Earth today. Not just that one year after he married his beautiful wife, Blessing on 20th October 2018, they were blessed with the fruit of  the womb, but that the children came; not in two, three but four.

The quadruplets; three girls and a boy who were delivered at Mother of Christ Hospital, Enugu, are hale and hearty and have since be discharged from the hospital.

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The quadruplets Enugudaily.com gathered was delivered without the use of any fertility treatments.

Enugudaily.com reports that the birth of the children even as a thing of joy to the wife, Mrs Blessing Adiele from Ehime-Mbano, Imo state, it caused her trauma that could have led to the loss of her life and children.

Mrs Blessing Adiele posing with her babies


She successfully delivered the set of quadruplet on 6th November 2019 in a circumstance that could best be described as miraculous. The wife had undergone a surgical operation on tumour of the uterus while she was pregnant.

When EnuguDaily spoke with the husband, Cajetan Adiele, he described the birth of the children as “miraculous” which he maintained defied all medical explanations.


According to him, “the pregnancy was a miracle from God and that is why I call the children miracle children. My wife got pregnant; after two days, she had abdominal pains. When we went to the hospital, they carried out pregnancy test, it was positive but when we went to the scan, the scan could not see it.  And after two days, they said there was a growth. So we have to go for a major operation. After the surgery, two weeks we were discharged. Two days after she was discharged, she started having symptoms of vomiting. When we went back, it was confirmed by both pregnancy test and scan that she was carrying four babies. It was a thing of joy for us.

“All these while, we have been visiting hospitals on daily basis but to the Glory of God, these children were delivered. This is a miracle that can happen once in a lifetime”.



He expressed happiness over safe delivery of the children and thanked God for remembering his family.

“So we are so much happy that God remembered my family. What people are spending so much money on, I just hard it on platter of Gold. Even the surgery did not affect the pregnancy. After anti-biotics were given to her with injections and drips, the pregnancy was not affected’.

On whether the delivery was a natural birth, he said “we have not looked for children before and somebody will be asking whether we did something, it was only the Grace of God”.


“Even considering the miracle surrounding the birth of the children, when they were conceived, a major operation came in. Even doctors were surprised’.

He expressed the hope that, God who deemed it fit for the family to be blessed with four children will provide the means to take care of them, but said he will not turn any genuine gesture to extend support to the family to help cushion the task of caring for a set of quadruplets considering economic situation of the country.

” I want to use this opportunity to appreciate and thank the Managing Director of the Mother of Christ Specialist Hospital, Rev. Sis. Ezechukwu for her care, love  and professional advice during the period of pregnancy”.

The visibly elated wife said narrated her experiences throughout the period of pregnancy.

“I passed through a lot. The pregnancy gave me a lot of problems. It is only God that perfected everything. I am so happy and I thank God for everything”.

Some people are pregnant with three or four babies, during delivery; you will hear one story or the other. I am not different but God is the only saviour that I have.

On what she planned named the babies, she toed the line of her husband saying “I call them miracle babies, because after the surgery, they were still intact in my womb”.

She prayed God to look upon those looking for the fruit of the womb so that they too could be happy like other nursing mothers and parents.

“I pray that God will surely give those looking for the fruit of the womb, babies. They are many and their faces are different. Those that are looking for the fruit of the womb, I pray that God will give them their heart desire”. She said.

The chances of having natural quadruplets are 1 in 700,000. And an Igbo couple just became that one.

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