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Expert challenges Nigeria on effective development planning

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A development specialist, Amechi Ona has identified strategic development planning as panacea for growth in attaining structural transformation and sustainable development.

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Ona who made the indication in an interview with newsmen on Monday in Enugu, bemoaned the level at which Nigerian leaders operate without development plan which should have served as a framework guiding their activities towards achieving a common goal.


While expressing concern on the rate at which planning has guided development in Nigeria, the development specialist, Ona asserted that neglecting and undermining established blueprints have caused stagnation in the growth of socio-economic sectors, among others.

According to him, empirical evidence from across the globe has shown that national strategic planning is very crucial for development and such plans provide strategic direction, coherence, evaluation and coordination.  



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Ona who enumerated some factors to be considered in development planning urged all tiers of government to accommodate the services of the development planners in their governance.

He further added that aside from development planning, other types of planning are useful to both governments and private individuals in achieving optimal results.


Development planning is a strategic goal well stated by a person, organization or a country to be met within a specified time frame and it is also about coming up with well-researched and well-reasoned plans that prioritise and harmonize activities, given the scarce resources at disposal.    

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