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Expert urges Nigerians to take advantage of Energy Health Medicine

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Prof. Joseph Akpa, a Professor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), has urged Nigerians to take advantage of Energy Health Medicine and curative means to tackle chronic diseases.

Akpa, who is with Luminar International College for Health and Alternative Medicines, Awgu in Enugu State, made the call in an interview with newsmen on Sunday.

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He noted that the entrance of Energy Health Medicine into the health sector was as a result of dissatisfaction with the level of performance of all the known medical professions in a situation where the medical world have designed diseases as chronic and incurable.

According to him, Energy health is the beauty of medical and health worlds in the advanced eastern and western countries like India, Britain, Germany, Japan etc where our people troop daily for medical treatment (medical tourism).


“Here in Energy health medicine and curative means, the application of the natural laws of healing is fully adopted.

“The Energy Health Science and Technology scientists discovered that the Almighty God endowed human beings with what we call Energy Centres located in various parts of the body.


“These centres absorb and radiate universal Energy in and out of the body system.


“The Chinese recognised these thousands of years ago, which they call CHI and is woven in the Chinese medical philosophy of meridians lines of energy flow.


“The Indians also recognised these thousands of years ago which they call PRANA and the Energy line they called CHAKRA. The Japanese recognises this, which they called KI.’’

According to him, the physiology states that, when the flow of Energy in and out of the Energy centres is balanced, health is achieved.

“If the flow is either depleted or in excess, sickness occurs too but if the flow is cut off by any factor that is what human beings call death.


“In any case, the assignment of the Energy Health physician is to diagnose and detect the Energy centres and lines that are faulty and balance the flow and health is restored except where death has occurred,’’ he said.

The don said that Energy Health medicine, which is very new not only in Nigeria but also in Africa in general, had study disciplines under it, which are: Magnet, colour, Pyramid, Gem, Music, Yoga, Reiki and Medical Astrology.

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