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Fire kills one, damages properties in Enugu

A three- year-old girl, Chinecherem Okoronkwo has been reportedly lost her life in an early morning inferno which occurred at no. 7 rail-way quarters Njamanze Enugu.

The fire outbreak which occurred on Tuesday around 1:30 a.m. also razed several apartments and properties worth thousands of naira.

Victims of the disaster alleged that a woman lightened her room with a candle to breastfeed her baby and carelessly kept it on a fuel when it inflamed and escalated to more than 20 apartments.

According to late Chinecherem’s mother, Nwanneka Okoronkwo, she heard her neighbor screaming, and when she came out, she saw everywhere on fire, and she quickly took her three children out of their room to a safer place and went back to safeguard some of their belongings, but when she came back, she could not see her daughter Chinecherem and rested on the hope that she was with other neighbour’s children.

the 30-year-old mother of three, who is a petty trader further said it was when the fire was put out by the help of fire fighters, who were there to salvage the situation, that she saw her child’s body burnt beyond recognition.

other victims, Owoldoho Abia and Emmanuel Nnaji who condemned the incident, stated that the damages caused by the fire outbreak are unquantifiable and called on the state government to come to their aid.

In his reaction, the Enugu State Chief Fire Officer, Okwudili Ohaa said the cause of the inferno has not been ascertained as investigations are still underway, but attributed the ugly incident to carelessness and described the death of the baby as unfortunate.

Ohaa, who expressed dismay over what he tagged “avoidable fire outbreak”, advised the public to always be wary of such occurrence, noting that Enugu state fire officers have been on keen sensitization exercise on the dangers of fire outbreak and possible solutions to avert the disaster.


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