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Neuropsychiatric hospital seeks Ugwuanyi’s support on water

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The management of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu, has passionately appealed to Enugu State Government to mandate the state water board to connect the hospital to the state water scheme.


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The Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Monday Igwe, made the appeal while speaking to journalists on the challenge getting potable water pose to the hospital for years.



Igwe said that the hospital management spent a lot of money daily buying water for the use of staff and patients in the hospital.


“We are appealing to the state government to connect us to the water scheme/board at least to ease our daily expense on water.



“It is clear knowledge to everyone what available and potable water means to a functional hospital like ours.


“I pray the state government can help us through the provision of water,’’ he said.




The medical director also called on well-to-do Nigerians and philanthropists to assist the hospital in diverse ways, especially for the welfare of patients in the hospital this festive period.


“We spend our individual money here as staff and management in sustaining some of our patients.



“Most times, the people or family members that bring this our sick brothers and sisters to the hospital abandon them and run away.


“It, then, falls on us to keep sustaining and taking care of them both clinically and daily-need provisions.


“We cannot drive them away as our ethics as doctors do not permit; and if we drive them out of the hospital, they will turn to a menace and disturbance to the society and danger to lives and property.



“And if we do not give them drugs or clinical care, they will harm our staff first before hitting the society,’’ he appealed.


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