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NGO seeks unconditional release of Enugu female teacher arrested for alleged defilement

A Non-Governmental Organisation, Civil Rights and Responsibility Initiatives has condemned the commando-style manner, officials of Enugu state government invaded a private school over alleged molestation of a 3 year old girl by a female teacher in a privaye school.

The state commissioner of Education, Professor Uche Eze and his Gender Affairs & Social Development counterpart, Princess Peace Nnaji had on Friday 26th March stormed the Citadel Group of Schools where the incidence allegedly took place with over 10 armed security men and ordered the immediate suspension of the accused teacher.

Executive Director of the organisation , Udoka Edeoji also called on the state government to order immediate and unconditional release of the accused as facts on ground indicate that the woman could be a victim of false accusation.

He disclosed that on the day the girl was allegedly defiled, the mother who picked her up from school did not go to her house directly but gave the child to another person who then handed her over the her security man.

He wondered why it took the complainant over 24 hours before she could discover that her daughter was bleeding and took her three more days to go for medical check up to ascertain what went wrong with the child.

According to the NGO, independent investigation revealed that the child mentioned one Joseph who was discovered to be a security man of the mother of the child whose husband is living in faraway South-Africa.

“We the team members and legal advisers of the noble organization,  Civil Right and Responsibility Sensitization Initiatives are concerned of the conduct by the honorable commissioner of Education, Professor Uche Eze and his Genders Affairs counterpart, Princess Peace Nnaji at the Citadel Group of Schools with over 20 police officers into the school premises which caused a very big blow to the kids in the school and many where  injured  during the  incident.

“The said alleged woman from all the investigation is innocent and we the civil right appeal to give her fundamental human rights. The said woman has been investigated by the Independence Layout Police Station where the police confirm that the 3 years old girl was hand over to the mother and after 24hrs she called to tell the teacher named Mrs  Dubem  that she  doesn’t know what happened to her daughter.

“At that point, Mrs Dubem reported to the management of the complaint by the mother of the said defiled daughter. Only to find out the said defiled daughter was handed over to the mother and the mother hand her over to another boy who took the child home and left her with the mother’s security guard named named Joseph.

“And when interviewed, the little boy confirmed that the name mentioned by the defiled daughter was Joseph who is the security boy which the mother did not allow the Independence Layout police to investigate but instead went and arrested the innocent teacher.





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