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NGO urges collective, concerted efforts to eradicate GBV, FGM, girl-child marriage


MenEngage Nigeria, an NGO, has urged Nigerians to join in eradication of Gender Based Violence (GBV), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early girl-child marriage.

The Executive Director of MenEngage Nigeria, Dr Chris Ugwu, made the call on Thursday after a visual meeting anchored in Enugu to access countrywide activities of MenEngage affiliated NGOs to checkmate GBV, FGM and early girl-child marriage.

Ugwu noted that he was “so much encouraged’’ due to the push affiliated NGOs had given the advocacy and sensitisation against these anomalies facing women and girl-child throughout the country.

“Nigerians should come and join the fight against GBV, FGM and early girl-child marriage so that we can stamp them out completely and our girl-child, sisters, daughters, mothers can be free.

“If a young lady from Scotland called Mary Slessor came to Nigeria particularly Calabar and continued to educate and advocate against killing of twins and with time she succeeded.

“I do not see why we will not succeed, if we work as a group and everyone being on the same page,’’ he said.

He also noted that the MenEngage would also begin a new wave of campaign against FGM among hospital and medical workers, who use subtle clinical means to perform FGM.

Dr Chiemezie Atama, Executive Director, Equity Watch Initiative, said that advocacy to liberate the female had been gaining ground in the country; but could be facilitated with more funding.

“For some years now, the advocacy is penetrating and our people’s general view concerning the state of the girl-child and women in general is gradually changing for the better.

“But there is a need for more push, which can be made possible by more funding and technical assistance to the NGOs championing the course,’’ Atama, whose NGO is a member of MenEngage Nigeria Network, said.

Mr Ogene Ogbodo, Executive Director of Town Crier Initiative, said that advocacy against GBV, FGM and early marriage in rural communities in the country had continued to make impact.

Ogbodo, whose NGO is a member of MenEngage Nigeria Network, noted that the MenEngage network advocacy had done tremendously well in the past years as could be observed by the various zonal visual presentations today.

At the visual presentation, the six geographical coordinators of MenEngage gave an account of their achievements in the last one year.


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