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Nine die of gastroenteritis infection in Ebonyi

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Nine persons have died in Ndiegu Amagu Ikwo local government area of Ebonyi State from gastroenteritis infection.
A statement by Ugonna Utulor, Senior Special Assistant to the council Chairman, Steve Orogwu on ICT, Mediaand Documentation, said 18 cases of the virus were reported while nine persons were confirmed dead.
“Earlier in November, there were reports of gastroenteritis outbreak at Ndiegu Amagu. The State Ministry of Health, WHO, State Primary Heath Development Agency and Ikwo Local Government Council were informed.
“These bodies dispatched health officials to the area and samples were obtained and sent to the laboratory. All the tests were negative of Cholera.
“The number of reported deaths as at today 25/11/2021 is 9 while 18 cases were reported. Over 10 patients have been treated and discharged.

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“Notwithstanding, the Ikwo Local Government released fund for procurement of drugs, Oral Dehydration Solution, Water Guards and other medicaments, in addition to medical supplies by WHO and State Ministry of Health.
“The health team distributed these items there and are still going there to retake another set of samples for laboratory examination,” he said.
Utulor noted that sensational reports on social media over bloating the situation on ground does no good to any one.
“Meanwhile, WHO has released fund to its officials and the health experts will be moving to the affected area to continue its intervention in the situation,” he added.



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