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Nkanu Youth Council partners Town Union PGs to fight segregation in Nkanuland

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The amalgamated body of the Town Union President Generals of  Nkanu East hosted the executive body of the Leadership of the Youths of Enugu East Senatorial District otherwise known as Nkanu Youth Council in a grand style.


The crucial meeting which was held at the Headquarters of Nkanu East Local Government Area had all the Town Union President Generals  in Nkanu East LGA in attendance.


The President of Nkanu Youth Council worldwide Rt COMR MONDAY DIAMOND ANI(Odoziobodo) in his opening speech thanked the PGs for their endorsement of the Apex Nkanu Youth Organization and appreciated them for their warm acceptance, support,love, adoption and kind hospitality towards NYC.


In his word, Nkanu Youth Council is an apolitical pressure group formed on the premise of moral principle for the emancipation and promotion of the welfare of Nkanu Youths, defense of the integrity of Nkanuman,fight segregation and help  promote peace and unity in Nkanu land and Enugu State.

In their response, the Town Union President Generals were elated for such unprecedented positive steps by the Youths of Nkanu land and promised to synergize with NYC to achieve more positive results for the overall benefits of Nkanu land.



The Chairman of the Council of Town Union PGs Nkanu East ,Chief James Nnaji (President General Amaechi Idodo Community) and a highly respected Nkanu son  Chief Bonny Edeh(Agbalanze) President Umuawalagu Community,Nara Unataeze, commended the Nkanu Youth Advocacy group for making Nkanu land proud through their  vision,mission and pragmatic activities.


The Chairman of the Council Chief James Nnaji(PG Amaechi Idodo) who spoke on behalf of the Town Union PGs commended the Leader and National President of Nkanu Youths RT COMR MONDAY DIAMOND ANI for his tenacity, charismatic and unassuming spirit in defense of Nkanu image and reaffirmed the PGs  maximum support and synergy with Nkanu Youth Council worldwide.



In the remark of Chief Bonny Edeh (Agbalanze), PG Umuawalagu Community Nara Unataeze, Nkanu Youth Council is a movement,we love them and  will give them maximum support to achieve its aims and objectives for the betterment of Nkanu land, Enugu State and Nigeria.

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