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NUF seeks urgent intervention over alleged maltreatment of Nigerian traders in Ghana

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NUF seeks urgent intervention over alleged maltreatment of Nigerian traders in Ghanandigbo united forum

The Ndigbo Unity Forum (NUF) has called for urgent intervention over alleged maltreatment of Nigerian Traders in Ghana.

The President of NUF, Mr Augustine Chukwudum, said in a statement in Enugu, that ECOWAS as well as continental and world bodies/organisations must intervene in this provocation.


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According to him, NUF is condemning this attitude because the Nigerian Traders have complied with all trading guidelines for businesses in Ghana.

“Some videos awash in the internet, depicting mind blowing incidences of challenges faced by Nigerian traders in Ghana call for concern.  Nigerians have invested so much in Ghana and duly paid their taxes as responsible residents and businessmen.


“Nigerians especially Igbo traders have contributed much to the growth and development of Ghana only for the government to start committing economy genocide against these traders.

“Our people as well as government have contributed more than 50 per cent of Ghana’s development in the past 30 years.



“Instead of appreciating the efforts of Nigeria and Nigerians; they are treating Nigerians and Nigeria government with disrespect,’’ he said.

Chukwudum also queried why Ghana government would tax Nigerian traders to pay one million dollars tax per trader.


“What economic sense does such unimaginable tax make? It is also clear to Ghanaian government that most Nigerian traders do not have up to $10,000 dollars as capital.

“Where will they get such a huge amount of money as  tax by the government,’’ he said.

The NUF boss also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to save Nigerian traders who had done nothing wrong in establishing their business legally in Ghana. 

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