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PLWDs domesticate National Disability Law in Enugu State

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People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) have called for immediate domestication of the National Disability Law in Enugu State to enhance the living condition and opportunities available to their members.

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Mr Gab Nnamani, Chairman of Joint National Association of Persons Living with Disabilities, Enugu Chapter, made the calls at a two-day workshop in commemoration of 2019 Disability Awareness Week.


The workshop was organised by Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) in Enugu at the weekend.

Nnamani noted that PLWDs would be meeting with various political representatives from various constituents as well as offices of Non-Governmental Organisations involved on human rights advancement to advance the advocacy for the domestication.


He said that as a group, the association would be paying a courtesy call on the governor and other important political offices in the state to intimate them and seek their support towards domestication of the law.

“Through these meetings and advocacies; we will see whether the bill will be presented as an executive bill or private member bill at the state House of Assembly going forward.


“We are committed to pursuing the domestication of the law in Enugu State and we will not relent in our efforts to do that,’’ Nnamani said.


The chairman also called on the state government to ensure access of PLWDs to public building and places in order to enhance their participation in state and national programmes and events.


“We need special walk and wheel chair passages/ways in public building and places since the facilities were not in place during the design of these public buildings and places,’’ he said.

Earlier, Mr Kola Ogunbiyi, Programme Manager of CCD Centre, called on the Enugu State government to pass and domesticate the persons with disabilities’ law, to make the physically challenged partake fully in activities of government.

Ogunbiyi noted that the Centre would continue to push in order to ensure full acceptance; due rights and privileges given to all PLWDs in the country.


He, however, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to establish the much-awaited National Disability Commission, which provision was made in the National Disability Act.

“We anticipate the Commission as it will help to address many challenges faced by PLWDs.

“The Commission will raise awareness that there is ability in disability and PWLDs have special talent to showcase to the World,’’ he said.

President Buhari, had on Jan. 25, 2019, signed the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Bill into an Act (Law).

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