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Proposing to a woman, kneeling down is a taboo– Pete Edochie

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By Moses Nwekwu

A veteran Nollywood actor, Chief Pete Edochie, has frowned at the attitude of some young men who go extra mile to defile the tradition of IGBOLAND and entire Africa by kneeling down to propose to their girlfriends.

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Chief Edochie said there is urgent need to such borrowed tradition adding that white men who exhibit it hardly sustain their families.



He claimed that those white men do worship their wives as idols to the extent that if there is any misunderstanding the man of the house will be the one to pack out of the house unlike Africans.

“If you kneel down before a woman to offer her a ring you have conceded headship of the family to her and that is what a lot of you do not know.



Chief Pete Edochie


” You are being intimidated and enslaved by the woman. Many people are just being crazy, whatever excite you about the woman comes out from you not from the woman. Use your head, you are going to pay for her, it is not being revised yet, so why must she enslave you even before you go to pay for her”, said Edochie.

Chief Edochie advised the youths to always work hard in order to succeed in life. He decried the rate of laziness been exhibited by some youths which according to him, contributed a lot to the ravaging crimes been committed in the society.
He said, “the younger generation are not ready to learn, they want to take over, we don’t take over without learning. When you are born you learn to sit, then you crawl, then you toddle, then you walk, then you run, different stages in life”.
He called on the youths to do everything humanly possible to sustain and maintain the culture, customs, values and traditions of IGBOLAND and Africa in general instead of allowing it to depreciate.


Chief Edochie eulogized the pragmatic efforts of BOG Entertainment in uplifting the culture of Ndi IGBO.

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