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The Imperatives of Go-University Doctorate Award on Gov Ugwuanyi And Litany of Encomiums

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By Emmanuel Ikechukwu-Jonathan, JP.


Political science is a social science which deals with systems of governance, the analysis of political activities, political thoughts and political behavior.

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The Greek thinker and philosopher, Aristotle, defined political science as the study of the state.


Many political scientists are engaged in researching out the connections between political events and conditions, with a view  to  construct a system of general principles for the  practical and functional  workings in the world of politics.



Political science is not a standalone field, as it  intersects many other discipline like sociology, economics, history, anthropology, public policy among others.


Political scientists are much sought after these days because of the changing landscape of politics across the world and since the society wants to understand how the political world works, they need someone to explain the nuances of the political economy.



Gov .Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi,who did not study  political science at the University has  tremendously showcased a character trait  that could be likened to that of political science philosophers, having demonstrated  great strength and knowledge in systems of governance , political activities, political thoughts and political behavior of Enugu state.


This, is evidenced in  his dynamic and people oriented style of politics,resulting in  political harmony and accommodation, massive  infrastructural development, improved economy, peace and security, timely payment of salaries,  prudent, equitable distribution of the state’s resources and appointments of  political positions.



In recognition of his steering  leadership qualities, political sagacity, political ecumenism and contributions to the growth and development of Godfrey Okoye University, Gov Ugwuanyi was conferred with the award of Doctor of Political Science (DPS), Honoris Causa at the 10th anniversary celebration and sixth and seventh convocation ceremonies of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu.


Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto State and the former Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof. Julius Okojie, were also recipients of Honorary Degrees, in recognition of their leadership Excellence and Support to the Catholic University.


The award  has been described as very apt as many people before now believed that Governor Ugwuanyi had shown enormous political understanding of  Enugu state.



His understanding of  political workings of the state, resulting in uncommon development  across the state, political pundits  believed  was responsible for the overwhelming support and avalanche of encomiums from different class of people over his leadership of the state.


Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR,  who was present at the epoch-making event, delivered the 10th Anniversary Lecture.


Speaking when the governor treated him to a dinner at the Government House, Enugu, after delivering the Anniversary Lecture at the 10th anniversary celebration and sixth and seventh convocation ceremonies of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu, former President Jonathan stressed that Ugwuanyi’s inclusive governance style is a rare feat other leaders should emulate to move their constituencies forward.


Jonathan, has expressed delight at the uncommon leadership style of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, in fostering peace and unity among the political class in the state irrespective of party differences.


Former President Jonathan, who described Gov. Ugwunayi as a man of peace said the governor’s disposition in relating with members of the opposition political parties, after winning the election, was commendable and the best approach to governance.


“If you are the governor of a state, you must treat all the citizens equally, irrespective of their political persuasions, otherwise you are not a good governor”, Jonathan said.


It is however on record that Governor Ugwuanyi places peace, humility and justice ahead of any other agenda on his table.


He deploys  peace, humility and justice as a tool in the governance of  the state.


He believes in the philosophy of political ecumenism to the extent that even the opposition political parties in some cases have more access to him than  members of his party .


This, in no small measure had engendered  sense of equity and justice.


This humane disposition  of the Governor has also  succeeded in eradicating the spirit of aggressiveness and politics of bitterness and acrimony previously evident in the state.



Just like Albert Einstein posited that peace is not only an absence of war, but means or includes the presence of justice, law, order or government in the society, Governor Ugwuanyi in his leadership of the state, believes that everybody in the state has the right to enjoy democracy dividends from his government in spite of his or her political affiliation. His government can be best described as government of state Unity considering the fact that he also appointed members of opposition parties in to his government which has never been experienced in the politics of the state.


This attitude of the governor towards a peaceful state has created an in-road in the hearts of political gladiators across political divides who were hitherto exiled or retired from politics of the state because of their divergent political views with previous administrations in the state. Governor Ugwuanyi not only opened his doors to them but attends functions and programmes of opposition political gladiators in the state thereby giving them a true sense of belonging.


No wonder the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the 2019 governorship election in the state, Sen. Ayogu Eze recently joined in the voyage of those who pour encomiums on Gov Ugwuanyi describing him as a man of uncommon political humility and sagacity adding that the people of the state should do well to support the Governor to enable him succeed in the leadership of the state.


Senator Eze who described the leadership qualities of Ugwuanyi as exceptional, said that the Governor’s humility and ability to reach out to the opposition to make peace at all cost has rekindled the long standing relationship between him and the governor.


Speaking at the funeral service of his father-in-law, late Pastor Cyril Odoh Ugwuoke, held at Ogrute, Enugu Ezike, Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area, which was attended by Gov. Ugwuanyi and other dignitaries, Senator Eze pointed out that the governor’s presence at the event and his continued show of solidarity and support were uncommon in the political annals of the country.


He disclosed that the governor has made efforts, since after the elections, to ensure that the prior relationship that had existed between both of them before the electoral contest was maintained and stressed that his presence at the event has proved that in so many ways.


Senator Eze therefore declared that the relationship between him and Gov. Ugwuanyi “has resumed” and commended the Governor for his good works as well as the renewed vigour to deliver on his promises in the state. He prayed that God gives him the wisdom to continue with the good works and reach higher levels.


According to Sen. Eze, “The day Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi came to see me, tears rolled down my cheeks. I told him there that his humility and ability to reach out to make peace at all cost is exceptional. I told him, you are much better in reaching out and building networks”.


“I urge all my supporters to close ranks and support Gov. Ugwuanyi and his administration, for He (Ugwuanyi) has won the election; he is our governor; our friendship continues as family members despite fact that I belong to APC.”


“Let us forget about party politics for now. Let us remain brothers and relate together. God will give the governor the wisdom to continue the good work he is doing in Enugu State and take him to higher levels”.


Within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) family in the state, Governor Ugwuanyi has resurrected and revived stakeholders that were confined in political wilderness  of the state.


Majority of them were appointed into different political positions in the state.


The Governor  practically ensures that everybody has equal right in his government unlike what was the case before when if you are not in the good books of some political stakeholders you are out-rightly blackmailed and distanced from the political activities of the state.


This development has since seen to the return of so many political gladiators including Senator Chimaroke Nnamani, who calls the shot in their various political wards, local governments and the state at large, thereby making the Governor more rooted and accepted politically across the state leading to a litany of supports from communities, groups, associations, institutions etc in spite of their political differences.


In their different remarks and description of Governor Ugwuanyi’s personality, the clergy, traditional institution, leaders of thought, political stakeholders within and outside the state have not failed to express their sense of satisfaction with the way and manner at which the Governor runs the affairs of the state.


To them Governor Ugwuanyi was destined to pilot the affairs of the state at this point in time and deserved to be given the support he needed considering his leadership achievements that has turned the state which hiterto experienced a lot of insecurity, political tensions and crisis among the titans in the politics of the state into a safe haven for investments and industrial sites.


The clergy community have been in the lead of those pouring encomiums on the governor for his leadership accumen. The Apostolic Nuncio to Nigeria, Archbishop Antonio Filipazzi, during his visit to Enugu for an evangelical duty, hailed Gov. Ugwuanyi for “his closeness to God and exemplary leadership style, which has brought peace and good governance to the state.


You are a good governor and a father to all, who has faithfully served the church and residents of the state, irrespective of religion, state of origin and ethnicity”.


In the same vein, the Anglican Communion, through the Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma has at various times said that Gov Ugwuanyi was phenomenal adding that his commitment to peace and good governance as well as the development of the Church and love for the poor masses was unequalled, describing Gov. Ugwuanyi as a non-discriminating politician who respects elders, the youth and also maintains cordial relationship with leaders of other political parties.


Similarly, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has also at various fora poured encomiums on the governor, describing him as “a good, kindhearted, humble, peace-loving and God-fearing leader”, who has judiciously managed the lean resources of the state for the benefit of the people.


In his description of the Governor, a political stakeholder, former governor of old Enugu State and also former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo also described Gov Ugwuanyi as “a humble, indefatigable, humane and outstanding manager of men and resources, for the development of Enugu State.


We will not be tired of commending your performance, pray for you and eulogize your uncommon leadership style”.


For Senator Chimaroke Nnamani, Gov Ugwuanyi is a man of Grace, honour, uncommon valour, humility and Godly. According to Nnamani, these are very scarce human qualities but are very much in abundance in Gov Ugwuanyi whom he said has grown from being his political godson to become his political leader


The former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu has continually said that Enugu state had survived political turbulence as a result of the peaceful disposition and leadership qualities of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi adding “irrespective of political party differences, both leaders of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state had embraced peace and harmony”.


A women leader,  a BOT member of the PDP and an astute politician, Ambassador Justina Eze, in her views, said that Ugwuanyi was governing the people according to the rules and regulations of governance and has attracted so much development to the state through opening of the rural areas with road networks, empowered so many poor women and men in all the markets of the state, improved quality health care in the state among other numerous achievements.


These above encomiums and positive remarks on Governor Ugwuanyi is not limited to members of the PDP as members of the major opposition political party in the state, the All Progressives Congress (APC), such as the former Governor of old Anambra state, Senator Jim Nwobodo, former Senate President, Senator Ken Nnamani, the South East National Vice Chairman of APC, Hon. Emma Eneukwu, APC chieftain and Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu among others, had also on different occasions applauded Gov. Ugwuanyi for his sense of sense of humor, respect, political ecumenism, bi-partisan philosophy and respect for the low and mighty despite their political affiliation.


The traditional rulers in the state are not left out as the Royal Fathers, led by the Chairman, Ambassador Lawrence Agubuzu, converged at the Lion Building and poured blessings and encomiums on Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi urging him to soldier on with his people oriented style of leadership in the state.


These avalanche of encomiums from different classes of people in the state and beyond on Governor Ugwuanyi’s mode of governance justifies the honorary doctorate degree award in Political Science recently conferred on the Governor by the Godfrey Okoye University Enugu.


The award is no doubt a motivation to further provide transformational governance to Enugu people.


Emmanuel Ikechukwu-Jonathan, JP, writes from Alor-Agu in Igbo-Eze South LGA.


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